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We create the future every day by dealing in path-breaking ideas; conceiving them, nurturing them, and actioning them.

Startup Factory


Steam-A’s Startup Factory is a revolutionary concept to facilitate the development of new ideas on sustainability—be it environmental, economic or social.

Our startup factory has been forged on a strong product discipline to build solutions to make life more sustainable. Our objective with the startup factory is to enrich the lives of the end customer and empower the community.

It's not about the ideas.
It's not about the ideas.
It's not about the ideas.
It's not about the ideas.
It's about making the ideas happen.
It's about making the ideas happen.
It's about making the ideas happen.
It's about making the ideas happen.

Next Generation solutions

The successful launch of our first startup venture, Feedzaa—a home food marketplace based out of the UK, now expanding in 10 cities, served as the catalyst for our intent to create and launch more such startups.


Steam-A Labs


We at Steam-A believe that any idea can turn into the next big thing if you have the right team with you! Steam-A labs was created to design and implement innovative and futuristic solutions to drive forward the next wave of innovation in mobility. With an initial focus on the energy and electric vehicle industry, we are on a mission to catalyse the adoption of electric vehicles by the mass market.

Innovation is all about getting your hands dirty.

Our Collaborations

Next Generation solutions

Steam-A labs is currently focussed on developing a next-generation smart charging solution that is highly sustainable, and complements other offerings in the market. Our innovation also extends into the software technology stack that supports EVs, and in particular, the 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler segments.

Rydon Group

Steam-A’s automotive initiatives are supported by our strong collaboration with Rydon Group – an auto component veteran business with three decades of a rich history and track record. This gives us a unique position of strength, combining our electronic, software and manufacturing capabilities.

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Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat.

We believe a combination of science and
art delivers sustainable outcomes for clients.

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