Making work and life sustainable, impactful,memorable.

Steam-A is a values-based, design-led, outcome-focused innovation organization driving sustainability and efficiency. We leverage cutting-edge design and fit-for-purpose technology to deliver target outcomes for our customers.

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Design is the cornerstone of our style. For us, good design is all about empathy.

The purpose is the core around which we design processes and products. Ease of assimilation and action are sacrosanct for us.

Aesthetic appeal adds a wow factor that invites willing adoption and sustenance of innovation.

Emotions matter. A lot. Make people feel good about your product/service, and they will keep coming back.

WHat we believe

Technology is science.
Making it solve your problems, is an art.

We believe a combination of science and
art delivers sustainable outcomes for clients.

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Why Steam-A?

We're a team that aspires to deliver groundbreaking results.Consistently.

Attention, Access
and Agility

We bring the vibrancy of a young startup sitting squarely on the proven track records of our people. So, we move fast, meaningfully.

Outcome Focused

Actions are only a means to an end. We focus on the results. And do what it takes to get there.

The A-Team. Always.

We are hyper conscious about having the right people onboard. It’s all about the people. Always.

Happy People = Effective Results

We believe that the best results come from happy people. Our culture and practices have been designed with a people-first perspective

Investing in
Customer Success

We thrive on your success and would be delighted to invest in the solutions we construct, in more ways than one.

Latest projects

Partnering with our customers to drive sustainability and efficiency.


What they say about us

Thank you, Steam-A, for your excellent efforts and commitment demonstrated on the two strategic engagements we have just concluded. Both the topics are core to our business growth plans, and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

You landed an experienced and multi-functional team with the right credentials in quick time and additionally leveraged your wider industry networks to advise us on our forward-looking plans. Your structured approach helped us understand new business areas and critical success factors, and your commercial modeling outputs effectively helped validate our thinking and firm up the next steps.

Thank you for your support, and I have no hesitation in recommending your high-quality, professional work.

Andrew Blincow
CEO, Indigo Networks

Aeroservices is delighted with the support Steam-A have provided us in our new product development journey. This digital initiative is core to our future growth strategy, and Steam-A’s project leadership has helped us progress from ideas to plans and actions in quick time.

Their project governance rigour has given us a regular and unambiguous view of what is going well and what needs attention. In their advisory role on our product strategy, they have delivered us a well-considered and compelling business model. Their recommendations on the right revenue model for us, the target operating model and the associated financial projections have given us a clear view of our next steps and the business case.

Above all, we have found the Steam-A team willing to go the extra mile, going all out to help us along. We consider Steam-A a strategic partner of ours for the long haul.

Mashood Akmal
Director of Innovation & Strategy, Aeroservices UK
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