Our signature style

We aspire to leave a lasting impact in every engagement we undertake.

  • Our design sensibility is simple and efficient—We focus on form, function & customer experience.

  • We follow the mantra of focussing on outcomes rather than the effort.

  • We achieve our customer’s desired results without any excuses; we do what it takes.

  • We consciously create and nurture an uplifting atmosphere for our teams. Work is a celebration at Steam-A!

Our team

Steam-A takes pride in the quality of our teams.

The leadership team comprises alumni from IIM Bangalore, IIM Shillong, National University of Singapore, University of Manchester, and PSG College of Technology among others, and we are constantly on the lookout for ambitious leaders to join aboard.

The Steam-A professional always demonstrates...

  • Courage to promise
  • Commitment to deliver
  • Attention to detail
  • Smart storytelling abilities
  • A positive and uplifting spirit
  • And is a multi-potentialite with a zest for life outside of work
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Our locations

Leeds, UK

The financial capital and the focal point of enterprise in the North of UK. With over 48% of high-growth companies in the startup space, Leeds is a breeding ground for up-and-coming new age ideas and innovation. Leeds is also home to several leading universities, bringing out a rich talent pool of the next gen of technologists.

With a thriving digital economy to support the appetite of young businesses, Leeds has all the right markings for creating growing and rich organizations. Geographically located conveniently for access to the businesses we serve from the far north down to the channel.

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Coimbatore, India

Known to be a city built on enterprise, Coimbatore has a vibrant industrial economy with $45bn of GDP. The city has built a rich track record of over a century of industrial focus and progress – originally starting with engineering, manufacturing, automobile and textile industries, on to the digital end of the spectrum in recent times.

One of the earliest to be chosen for the “Smart Cities” mission of India, Coimbatore is increasingly a thriving digital destination. With the numerous well-ranked engineering institutions in the city, access to high quality talent is quite well assured. A smart city in the making with a vibrant automotive industry makes Coimbatore a natural sweet spot to base Steam-A’s Indian operations.

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